The Best Bouquet For a Tropical Wedding

Why do we ask you to choose a flower bouquet carefully? It is because every flower in a flower bouquet symbolizes something and gives a hidden message. It is important to choose the right bouquet of flowers so that your message is clearly transmitted to the receiver.

Given below are some of the most famous flowers and the message they give

Lily is one of the most widely used flowers in a flower bouquet. The message it gives depends on its color and type. Some commonly used types of lily are:

Tiger Lily: It shows pride to the other person
Orange Lily: It shows hatred to the other person
White Lily: It shows purity and gives a message of pure love to the receiver
Calla Lily: It is associated with beauty

Lilacs are a sign of love between two    Chocolate Bouquet people. It is generally associated with new love or first love. They are generally popular in wedding bouquets because they show the first beginning of a relationship. New born flower bouquets also heavily use lilacs.

Daisies are associated with all the good things, such as love, purity and innocence. It is one of the most loved flowers all around the world. The beauty of daisy is that it contrasts well with almost every type of a flower. It is also most girls’ favorite flower.

Everyone knows that rose symbolizes love. However, did you know that roses have different colors and every color gives a different signal? Highlighted below are some common types of roses with their message:

Red: It shows love. This is the best flower to give when you want to express your love to your partner.

Pink: It is most used in bouquet of flowers to thank a person and show your appreciation towards something.

Yellow: Yellow roses are a sign of friendship. They are mostly used in friendship bouquets to show feelings.

Lavender: This is used to pass across the message of love at first sight
Peace: This color of rose shows optimism and appreciation towards a successful future.

Orchids are very commonly used flowers. They generally show love and refinement. However, the symbol often differs from region to region, as they symbolize ‘many children’ in China.

Tulips, one of the most widely used flowers, symbolize charity and fame. All their colors almost give the same message of love.

Sunflowers symbolize wishes and loyalty. They are used to show your true feelings towards one another, especially when you are trying to make amends.

Gardenia is many lovers’ favorite flower. Why? Because it is the flower used to show a secret crush. Can’t give out your name but want to appreciate your crush? Send Gardenia!


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