3 Relationship Deal Breakers

Many people have a cookie cutter view of how relationships develop and how falling in love should be. As I have written often, relationships are a partnerships and that message often gets distorted as people meet someone in the initial phases. There are many factors that go into finding a “partner” in life and love. But I am going to concentrate on 3 biggies… children, marriage, and time. https://tablemate.in

Are you going to make time for each other?
Often when people initially meet, they shut out their friends, interests, and sometimes responsibilities to be with their new found love. What this does is create isolation and dependency. Eventually real life will creep back in and they’ll start spending more and more time apart. Work commitments and children take time and dedication. Relationships that are appropriated properly shouldn’t interfere if both people’s hearts are in the right place. So many forces will be vying for time that as you schedule time for work and your kids, you need to schedule time for your partner. Relationships are investments, put the time in.

Do you want to get married?
Believe it or not, not everyone wants to be married. When looking across the table at a potential partner, are you thinking about how sexy they look or how they’ll stack up in a long term commitment? People need to discuss their future plans and desires, and see if they match with a potential mate. Be honest. Marriage is a very serious union. Getting married for the right reasons and not merely for love is an important process to define. Are you ready to be married? Are you listening to your partners needs or are you simply applying them to yours? Don’t allow yourself to be another statistic of divorce by not seeing the signs or not being honest about your wants. Also don’t be so tunnel visionary that you can’t see the needs of your potential mate.

Do you want children?
There are a growing number of professional women choosing to hold off on having children or not having them at all. As the age of marriage increases so does the age women are choosing to be mothers so they can pursue a career. Children are a responsibility. The take time and money, and you will lose your freedom. Does your potential partner stack up to your ideals of parenting? Are you both prepared to work together to put share the responsibilities of the child. Deciding to have a baby is an incredibly rewarding experience. But it does take both parents co-operation. If you’re not on the same page you could be sabotaging your happiness in the future.

These three elements are often deal breakers for many new found romantics. Romance can be fun and exciting. But be sure to always keep being real one step ahead of the ideal, and you can ensure that once you find a partner, you have a long lasting and fulfilling union.


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